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Ben Jasper began his career in cinematography in 1992 after graduating with BA in Film and Television from Curtin University in Western Australia.
He spent the next 15 years working his way from clapper loader to focus puller to operator and eventually 2nd unit DOP.  He worked on hundreds of commercials and around 40 feature film and series.
In 2007, after the birth of his son Archie, Ben "retired" from working as assistant and on 2nd unit and committed to career as a cinematographer.  In that same year Ben and his family relocated from Sydney Australia to Shanghai China.  Ben has since returned to Australia and is now based out of Melbourne and Sydney in his native Australia.
Ben has consistently worked with world class directors in every continent on the planet and across many genres.
He has shot groundbreaking global campaigns for BMW, sent motorbikes flying into the Grand Canyon for Mountain Dew.  Searched the ancient alleyways of Buddha's birthplace in Varanasi for lost love for American Tourister.  Closed Johannesberg CBD for a parade for Samsung, and partnered with Wong Kar Wai and associates to shoot a haunting film for KPOP superstar Jolin.
In 2015/15 he was invited by Siddarth Anand to shoot the Bollywood blockbuster "Bang Bang", which resulted in what legendary director Andy Armstrong called the best car crash he had seen in 50 years.
In 2018/19 Ben re-united with Siddarth Anand to shoot "War" a gruelling production and shoot in 9 countries.  "War" was released in Aug 2019 and instantly began setting box office records. It has become the highest opening day gross in the history of Bollywood, the highest grossing Bollywood film of  2019, and has now entered the top ten list of the highest grossing Bollywood films of all time.
Ben has been nominated for and won several international awards for his craft in cinematography
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